Research and Development

Observing researching and scientific development, is the main way of living and remaining in the developing world. Technical growth and scientific development of manufacturing companies in today world, have such a speed that the only way of remaining in competitive market is research and development.

Chemical oil field manufacturing company, ATANTIC TRENDS INTL Co, respect to our country requests to technical science, have composed perfect programs to scientific development and science production.

In this manner, numerous meeting with Iranian and foreign researchers, capitalization in the R&D branch and supporting young researchers is the main programs of our company.

Presently our company is investigating and investing in the manufacturing some oil field chemicals such as Drag Reducer, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, Demulsifier, Emulsifier, etc. along with petrochemicals catalysts.
Thus our company greeting new projects and suggestions of foreign and Iranian researchers.

Some of our achievements in this field are: reducing use of chemical production rate and simultaneously increasing the quality, reparation and improve the productivity system hence decreasing the use of NIOC up to 50%, and etc.

Our Strategy:

  • Development of applicable research in oil field chemical activities to manufacture and establish pilot plants.
  • Continuous and organized relation with all universities and research centers in order to use their scientific facilities.
  • To use the experience and scientific capability of industrial and research centers in foreign countries.
  • To fulfill research projects by co-ordination with university and industrial experts.
  • To obtain the knowledge of process design by buying the licenses and basic engineering information.


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