Scale inhibitor:

 Scale occurs because the minerals in produced water exceed their saturation limit as temperatures and pressures change. Scale can vary in appearance from hard crystalline material to soft, friable material and the deposits can contain other minerals and impurities such as paraffin, salt and iron. Scale inhibitors are used to prevent these deposits from forming.

Such as: Phosphate Esters, Phosphonates and Phosphonic Acids, Polymers…
Dosage requirements will vary with brine, temperature changes, solids concentration, PH and equilibrium time.


  •  Reduce downtime for mechanical, acid, and/or chemical cleanout;
  •  Increase lifetime of well and well equipment by minimizing deposits that can cause excessive wear;
  •  Maintain flow capacity of various flow lines associated with surface equipment; and
  •  Polymer-type scale inhibitor traceable with a simple field test.

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